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Anti-Theft Backpack bags Women's Versatile Backpack Large Ca...

价格: ¥ 33

大小: 1 MB

更新: 2021-11-06 13:57:39

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Sort: Packing Material Nonwoven bags

Subcategory: 1

Wind: 1

colour: 1

WhatsApp: +8618566180025

wechat: weninc

email: www@xls.biz

Women's backpack factory direct sales, supports a large number of wholesale, small mixed batch, one product dropshipping, quality assurance, fashionable style, cheap price, long-term availability, continuous delivery, delivery within 3 days, please contact Customer Service Wangwang if you have any questions, our factory keeps on new products, welcome new and old customers to send and wholesale for a long time!

Welcome to our women's bag shop.We sell all kinds of women's bags,handbags,shoulder bags,satchel bags and shoulderbags.The style is rich andquality is reiable.


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