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Bagged Color Bleaching Agent Household Bleacher Anti-Yellow ...

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 (1) is the goods on the shelves available? If the stock?

All our products are sold in stock, and the products that can be ordered are available on the page. Please rest assured to buy. Due to the large variety of products, the daily sales volume is relatively large and cannot be removed in time.

Please understand the shortage situation, we will contact you by phone or Wangwang and handle it.

Our store specializes in wholesale. For products with a shortage amount of several yuan, the warehouse will directly change other colors or cut them off, and send other goods, and the out-of-stock items will not be reissued.

 (2) We have paid, when will the goods be delivered and how long will it take to receive the goods?

Due to the large daily shipment volume, we will deliver the goods in the order of payment within 72 hours after your payment is successful. The delivery time will be affected by distance, weather and uncertain factors.

 (3) What if the product received has quality problems and is out of stock?

If the goods are out of stock or have quality problems after receiving the goods, please contact the after-sales customer service within three days. If there are quality problems, please take pictures and send them to the customer service in time after receiving the goods.

I have received the goods, but I don't like them very much. Can I return them?

  If you are not satisfied with or like the product, you can return the product without using it or affecting the secondary sales. The freight is paid by yourself.

 (4) no return or exchange under the following circumstances

A The package of the returned product is damaged or incomplete, and the product accessories or related materials are incomplete;

B repair or refit without authorization;

C not used or stored according to normal methods;

D products beyond the after-sales service period;

E seasonal products will not be returned after expiration (such as mosquito repellent products in summer and warm products in winter for fans);

F products that have been removed from the shelves of our company will not be returned or exchanged.

  On sale

a) goods damaged by human reasons (such as unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, accident, alteration, incorrect installation, etc.), goods with incomplete packaging, we will not return the products that have been processed twice.

B) as the factory may change the product packaging according to the production situation, the outer packaging is different from the pictures on the website or the goods you purchased before, which is not a quality problem. We do not accept the return for this reason; if you need to return the goods, you need to pay for the return freight.

  C) multi-color and multi-color products are randomly mixed by default. The company will try its best to meet the product color and style specified by the customer in the order remarks. For individual orders, the color and style of the warehouse inventory cannot meet the customer's requirements. We do not accept the return caused by this. If you need to return the goods, you need to pay for the return freight.

  D) personal preferences (smell, color, model, appearance) will not be returned; The buyer subjectively believes that there is a problem with the quality of the product, please issue a written identification recognized by law, otherwise it will not be returned, if you need to return the goods, you need to pay for the return freight.


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