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====Product introduction====

Product type: CY-2603 pull paper advertisement pen

Unit: PCS

Length: 148mm

Function: study office, advertising gifts

Carton size: 45*30*40mm

Single branch weight: 13.5G

Packing: 10/OPP bag, 2000 PCs/box

Gross / net weight: 27/26KGS

Printing: printing, screen printing, heat transfer printing, hot printing

Material: plastic ABS, AS

Surface treatment: a solid rod, transparent, painting,

Circular core: common core (0.7mm, 1.0mm)

Prices vary by pen, pen: different processing methods, different packaging, prices slight increase or decrease, the specific price and contact us.

Product Description: drawing pen and paper material the use of ABS, AS, transparent color pen, hook, non slippery soft jacket design the handshake, the hook can be printing customer LOGO plating pen.

The built-in 80 grams copperplate paper, drawing paper size 180*67mm, double color printing, positive peritoneal BOPP, pull the paper flexibility, good product advertising, publicity



The company has 10 years of production history, is a pen as the leading, scientific research design, mold making, injection molding products, pencil manufacturing as one of professional pen manufacturer.

Specializing in the production of high-quality, office, learning, ball point pen, neutral pen, gift pen, advertising pen, promotional pen, whiteboard, blackboard pen (light pen), mark pen, metal pen, fluorescent pen etc.. At the same time a

ZhongboStationery Co. Ltd. - Yiwu Office”

And long-term for the new and old customers at home and abroad to provide OEN manufacturing, advertising pens processing. Products favored by the majority of customers at home and abroad and praise! If you want to know more detailed product information please call QQ:597399204 or 0579-85162557 directly to discuss Mrs.Lou, contact our online.

The company web site: http://ywchengyangbiye.cn.alibaba.com



======  购买须知 ====

    This material with the new ABS and AS production, not easy to crack, ball-point pen refills with Shanghai ink, antioxidant does not fade, spray with water, writing fluency, smooth, colorful, durable hard to dry. Built-in is 80 gram bond paper,drawing paper sizes180*67mm, color printing on both sides, positive peritoneal BOPP, pull the paper retract is good advertising, promotional products

1 :Price: the optimal price supply

2 :Refill colors: black, blue, red

3 : Specification: a common core (0.7mm 0.8mm 1.0mm)

4 :Packaging: blister card packaging, carton packaging, packaging, general packaging trade.

5 :Delivery date: the order of the numbers and decide, general 25 days

6 :Terms of payment: pay 30% of the signing of the contract, the balance 70% of the goods is finished, take goods pictures confirmation, delivery payment. (support Alipay transactions)

7 :sample policy: existing samples gratis, courier fees to pay

8 , print requirements: can be designed according to customer requirements, printing LOGO

9:The cost of printing: color printing is 0.05 yuan, chromatic printing look at the actual LOGO to collect, plate making fee for each color 50Yuan (more than 100000 free), proofing fee: 300 yuan, proofing time 5-7 days (film plate fee: 400 yuan / color, plus the boot fee: 200 yuan, time to be determined).

10 : our principles: quality first, small profits but quick turnover, integrity and honest business.


11 : our company warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to shop to discuss.

12:    the "special instructions": our all goods for manufacturers to produce its own, guarantee the lowest price and the highest quality service to customers across the country.


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What is a mixed batch?

Mixed batch means unlimited product categories and styles, buyers as long as the purchase price (or total) at or above the amount set (or quantities) you can enjoy the wholesale price.


Not suitable for children under 3 years of age use, contains small parts, beware of children if swallowed.




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